Bright Innovation

ホーム / Bright Innovation

1. Mission

“Bringing a bright change to the world”
In a rapidly changing world, we are living in an unpredictable era, while having many unsolvable problems. Meanwhile, what can we do to solve as many of these problems as possible, to create a society in which it is more comfortable for us to live? Solving such problems by creating new businesses and services with a combination (collaboration) of new businesses and with novel concepts and ideas, thereby bringing innovation to society: This is the mission of Bright Innovation Co., Ltd.

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2. Business Summary

Bright Innovation Co., Ltd. is a consulting firm that specializes in the field of environmental management consulting.
The characteristics of our company are to provide our various clients, from large companies to small- and medium-sized companies, with the latest and essential services that combine “abundant environmental management consulting achievements” and “practical knowledge.”
We provide a wide range of consulting services in the field of environmental management, including consulting for environmental management systems as well as consulting for environmental strategy and management, carbon strategy and management, waste risk management, circular economy strategy, and environmental business development.

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3. Service Menu

1. Environmental management consulting

From the construction of environmental management systems to the construction of strategic environmental management systems, we provide consulting services according to our clients’ needs.
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・Environmental strategy
・Environmental management system, HSE/EHS management system
・Environmental due diligence
・Environmental compliance risk management
・Environmental branding

2.Carbon management consulting

As the climate change problem is getting worse, climate change mitigation measures, including carbon pricing, are currently in progress, and in this society, companies are particularly required to achieve “decarbonization” which is stricter than “lower carbon.” We provide comprehensive advice on, for example, how to proceed with carbon management in the future.
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・Decarbonization strategy
・Greenhouse gas emission reduction target, Science Based Target (SBT)
・Carbon pricing, Internal carbon pricing
・CDP, Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI)
・TCFD, Climate-related Scenario analysis
・Joint Crediting Mechanism, J-Credit Scheme
・Carbon marketing

3. Resource recycling consulting

We provide consulting services according to our customers’ needs, including specific countermeasures against waste and recycle compliance risks, establishment of waste and recycle schemes, and the realization of a circular economy.
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・Resource efficiency
・Circular economy
・Waste and recycle risk management

4. Survey on Japanese environmental policies and systems, and environmental management trends

We conduct investigations and analysis of Japanese environmental policies and systems, and environmental management, based on requests from companies overseas and foreign companies located in Japan.

5. Environmental business development

We support the development of renewable energy related businesses and other businesses which contribute to the environment.

6. Environmental human resource development

We provide education and training for managers and those persons in charge of environmental issues as well as training on the latest knowledge and cases related to environmental management and decarbonization management.

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4. Corporate Information

Corporate Name: Bright Innovation Co., Ltd.

Address:SHINKAWA EAST 2F, 1-23-5, Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan


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CEO Norihiro Nakasaku

After working for a machinery manufacturer, became engaged in environmental management and new business consulting services as a new environmental business advisory leader in the Environmental and CSR Consulting Division of Deloitte. Later participated in management as an executive officer of a recycling company, and then established Bright Innovation Co., Ltd.

Managing Director Kazunori Ogisu

After working for a food manufacturer, became engaged in environmental and sustainability management consulting services as an environmental management advisory service leader in the Environmental and Sustainability Advisory Divisions of both Deloitte and Ernst & Young, and then participated in the foundation of Bright Innovation Co., Ltd. Also a Doctor of Global Environmental Studies.

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